Adaptive Broadband

The new full rate LEDR microwave radio family provides full duplex, scalable bandwidth and capacity from 1 x E1 (2.048 Mbps) in a 500 kHz channel to 4 x E1 (8.192 Mpbs) in a 1.75 mHz channel. These radios are designed to operate in a point to point environment with a wide range of applications. They are especially effective for telecommunications access and transport links, and for use as backhauls to extend existing telecommunications channels. THe full rate LEDR microwave radio is designed to connect to any industry standard E1 G.703 source.

* Frequency Range of 330MHz To 512Mhz
* Data Rates Of 64kbps To 768kbps
* Advanced Modem Features: FEC, Interleaver and Adaptive Equalizer
* Built-In NMS Element Manager
* SNMP Network Management For Fault, Configuration, Performance and Security Management
* Front Panel Displays For Easy Maintenance And Link Monitoring
* Local And Remote Diagnostics
* 10Base-T Ethernet Diagnostics Interface
* Built In 9600 bps Data Service Channel
* Local Loopback And Remote Loopback
* 8 Alarm Contacts Per Radio
* DTMF Compatible Orderwire
* Optional 1+1 Protected/Diversity Configuration