Adaptive Broadband
MDS 400

MDS 1400 is a full duplex digital radio covering the 1350-1535MHz frequency range in either 500kHz or 2 MHz channels. THe MDS 1400 operates in a point-to-point environment and a wide range of applications - it is especially effective for telcommunication links. The radio is designed to connect to any industry standard E1 G.703 Source.

The most spectrally efficient 1.4 GHz E1 radio in the world, the Microwave Data Systems MDS 1400 QAM radio provides a full E1 data rate (2.048 Mbps) in a 500 kHz channel. Using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, the MDS 1400 implements Quadrature Amplitude Modulaion (QAM), to provide four-bits-per-hertz efficiency!

* Frequency Range of 1350MHz To 1535Mhz
* Data Rate Of 2.048Mbps, E1, G.703 Interface
* Front Panel Displays System Performance At A Glance
* Local And Remote Diagnostics
* 20 Tap Adaptive Transversal Equalizer
* Extensive Built-In Diagnostics