Adaptive Broadband
MDS 450D/950D

MDS 450D and 950D Series point-to-point radios use the same field proven, high performance adio circuitry of the MDS 2100, 960 and 460 radio systems. This circuitry includes GaAs FET reciever RF amplifiers with helical resonator filters. These high quality components ensure exceptional receiver sesitivity as well as high selectivity. ALl frequency generation is accomplished at the operating frequency without the need for frequency multipliers. This efficient design simplifies tuning while minimizing both the generation and reception of spurious RF signals.

MDS 450D and 950D Series radios operate in regulated and licensed frequency bands. Licensed radios offer two major advantages over unlicensed radio operation. (1) Reliable, Interference-free Communications. The RF channel is exclusivly assigned to one user, greatly reducing the chance of interference occurring. (2) Long Distance Communications. MDS radios provide 5 watts of transmit power at the antenna port. Higher transmit power combined with high agin antennas (up to 30dB) assures reliable communications over longer distances.

* Frequency Range of 350MHz To 512Mhz And 850Mhz To 960Mhz
* Data Rates Of 56kbps - 384kbps
* Frequency Programmable (Synthesized)
* 5 Watt Transmit Power