Adaptive Broadband
MDS 460D/960D

The MDS 460D/960D Series of point-to-point radios provide reliable, sub-rate T1/E1 data links of 56, 64, 128 & 384 kbps. A proven modular packaging arrangement permits a wide variety of equipment configurations.

The radios are designed to operate on standard 50, 100 kHz and 200 kHz bandwidth channels. These bandwidths allow transmission of transparent data at 56, 64, 128 & 384 kbps. Multiple channels of time division multiplexed voice and data can be carried with appropriate multiplex equipment such as the MDS MX-2000.

These point-to-point radio links are built upon the same high performance radio circuitry and diagnostics capabilities featured in other Microwave Data Systems' wireless products. The receiver uses a GaAs FET RF amplifier with helical resonator filters to give high senstivity as well as high selectivity. The transmitter provides a minimum of 5 watts of RF power output a the duplexer antenna connector at all data rates. All frequency generation is done at the operating frequency with no frequency multipliers which simplifies tuning procedures and minimizes spurious signals.

The radios are available in either hot-standby or non-standby models-all with microprocessor controlled advanced diagnostics capabilities. The hot-standby model provides redundant receiver, transmitter, power supply and digital interface assemblies with automatic switchover.

The rack mount chassis includes a swing down front panel. This gives easy access to transmitters, receivers, power supplies and front panel. This gives easy access to transmitters, receivers, power supplies and front panel modules for testing, alignment or removal. The chassis features modules designed with "quick disconnect" hardware for easy removal from the front of the cabinet.

The front panel LEDs indiciate data communication activity and operational status. The interface module monitors the bit error rate (BER) of the multiplexed data channel. If the BER exceeds one of two user selected levels, a front panel indicator will be activated. This feature provides continuous evaluation of the system's hardware and RF signal path integrity.

* Frequency Range of 350MHz To 512Mhz And 850Mhz To 960Mhz (Respectivly)
* Data Rates Of 56kbps - 384kbps
* Frequency Programmable (Synthesized)
* 5 Watt Transmit Power