Impact Attendant

If a live attendant controls your company’s phone traffic, don’t you want them to have total control? Give it to them with Impact Attendant, from Comdial. Impact Attendant gives attendants real-time, visual status of all the phone activity in their group. They can see who’s on the phone, with which number they’re connected and how long they’ve been on the phone. And through the familiar Window’s interface, an attendant can answer the phone, transfer calls, or conference calls either with a mouse or intuitive hotkeys. With such simple operation, training is a breeze and productivity gains are virtually guaranteed. Attendant activities like message-taking are also under the realm of Impact Attendant. When an agent is on the phone, the attendant can type a message for the agent and send it to their PC or internal pager. A true time and paper saver! Just another way Impact Attendant helps your employees and your business image.

* Windows 95 Or Windows NT
* Application Key
* 25-Pin-To-Modular Serial Connector
* Serial LInk To The DXP, DXP Plus Or FX System
* Network Interface Card
* Pentium PC With At Least 16MB RAM (64MB With Windows NT)