Impact Call

Open up your office with Impact Call, the complete, affordable communications solution that lets your computer and telephone work together in new ways. With Impact Call you effortlessly control inbound and outbound calls right from your desktop PC. With its intuitive and familiar Windows user interface, Impact Call makes it far easier to communicate with people both inside and outside the office. Dialing, answering, transferring, holding, screening and even conferencing calls become as simple as clicking and dragging a mouse. You manage more calls in less time with less effort. And your productivity soars. Make the most of every of call with Impact Call from Comdial.

* Windows 95 Or Windows NT
* Application Key
* 25-Pin-To-Modular Serial Connector
* Serial LInk To The DXP, DXP Plus Or FX System
* Network Interface Card
* Pentium PC With At Least 16MB RAM (64MB With Windows NT)