Impact Group

Bring people in workgroups together as never before with Impact Group, Comdial’s powerful call-processing software. Impact Group takes all the functions of your telephone and integrates them with your computer, giving you a powerful desktop telephone. Functions such as transferring and conferencing are now as simple as "point and click" and "drag and drop." And with the Group Monitoring function, Impact Group users can see the status of other stations in their group right on their PC. Using caller ID, Impact Group also seamlessly integrates with your database allowing you to preview important information about the caller prior to answering the call. Make your group an unbeatable team – with Impact Group from Comdial.

* Windows 95 Or Windows NT
* Application Key
* 25-Pin-To-Modular Serial Connector
* Serial LInk To The DXP, DXP Plus Or FX System
* Network Interface Card
* Pentium PC With At Least 16MB RAM (64MB With Windows NT)