WideOpen Office

Computers and telephones sit side-by-side on many desktops. By linking them together through computer-telephony integration (CTI), Comdial has tapped the unrealized potential in each of these technologies.

CTI increases the power of each system many times over creating an array of useful new tools that can be used to enhance productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and provide that extra competitive edge that organizations need to succeed. Until now network-based computer-telephony solutions required a central server to channel information from the client PC to the PBX. All too often, installing and maintaining this system proved to be a time-consuming task, requiring a trained technician and many hours of effort. With wideopen™.office, Comdial breaks new ground by offering an easy-to-install CTI solution that works smoothly in all popular LAN environments-at a very reasonable price.

At Comdial, we believe in openness from the very start of the computer-telephony revolution. Comdial has been out among the leaders, supporting industry standard application program interfaces (APIs) and advocating an inclusive, nonproprietary approach to computer telephony. With wideopen™.office, we've pursued an innovative strategy that allows us to extend the advantages of CTI to a full range of organizations no matter what network they use. And, we've moved the CTI platform from the file server to the client. The result-now even small organizations can harness the power of computer-telephony to increase their efficiency without outsized investments of time and energy. wideopen™.office is TCP/IP and NetBios compatible and meshes seamlessly with PC operating systems Windows NT™ and Windows 95™. And it comes standard with wideopen™.call, a computer telephony tool designed to allow you to control inbound and outbound calls from the foundation for your business--your desktop PC.

As the number of computer-telephony applications grows, wideopen™.office will only increase in value by offering the potential to integrate all your communications systems, from pager to e-mail to voice mail, into one, seamless whole. Whether you're in real estate or law, education or finance, wideopen™.office provides a cost-effective way to extract the highest value from your existing investment in technology while providing new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

The architecture implemented in Comdial's wideopen™.office lends itself to flexibility and efficiency. Our revolutionary new design allows TSAPI applications to run flawlessly in virtually any network. This architecture also significantly changes the traditional model for computer telephony deployment. Dependence on a network file server is eliminated, and network complexity and capital investments are substantially reduced.

Finally---CTI made simple. Imagine a computer telephony product that doesn't take an engineer to install. Imagine how it simply helps your business, seamlessly integrating voice and data.

* Windows 95 Or Windows NT
* Application Key
* 25-Pin-To-Modular Serial Connector
* Serial Link To The DXP, DXP Plus Or FX System
* Network Interface Card
* 386, 486, Or Pentium PC With At Least 8MB RAM (16MB Recommended)