FastHub 400 10/100 Series

Cisco's FastHubŪ 10/100 Series of high-performance fast ethernet repeaters delivers unmatched flexibility and low-cost managed connectivity to the desktop. The FastHubŪ 400 10/100 Series is a full line of products that includes 12- and 24-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet repeaters in managed and manageable versions. The FastHubŪ 400 10/100 Series provides ultra low-cost 10/100 autosensing desktop connectivity where dedicated bandwidth is not required.

* 10BaseT/100BaseTX Support
* 100BaseFX Support
* Autosensing On All Ports
* 10- And 100-Mbps Peak Aggregate Bandwidth
* Unmatched Felxibility
* Powerful Web-Based Management Interface
* Comprehensive SNMP Management
* Fault Tolerance