When the mission is critical, your communications equipment has to be always at the ready, 110% reliable, but not demanding your attention. And operation has to be second nature. Emergency services in particular demand operating ease, and durability. There's absolutely no room for compromise. That's why the choice has to be Kenwood's TK-690H/790(H)/890(H), Fm mobile radios that are designed for the uncompromising.
* 160 Channel Capability
* Dual Head, Dual Band Compatability
* Alphanumeric LCD Display
* DTMF Signaling & Dialing Features
* Optional 20 Watt External Speaker
* 110-45 Watts Of Power (690H)
* 110-45 Watts Of Power (790(H))
* 45-5 Watts Of Power (790)
* 100-40 Watts Of Power (890(H))
* 40-5 Watts Of Power (890)