Premisys Communications extends the boundary of Integrated Access with the first of its family of Integrated Broadband Solutions. The Q-155 offers service providers the flexibility and reliability for fast and cost effective service deployments, no matter what technology is required. The Q-155 combines the strengths of SONET/SDH, TDM and ATM on a single, easy to install, cost efficient platform. With this advantage, installation time and costs are reduced to a small fraction of what the competition will spend to deploy the same technologies.

* Dual SONET/SDH OC3/STM-1 Interfaces With UPSR
* ATM & Frame Relay Transport
* Embedded T1/E1 T3/E3 Conversion
* Full M3/1/0 Cross Connect
* 8 Mb/s Proprietary Optical LIne Termination To IMACS