Telcom was established in 1978, initially to service the Petroleum industry. The company was incorporated in 1981 and is headquartered in Oxnard, CA. It began strictly in support of the two-way radio service requirements of the growing oil industry in Ventura County. However, growing demand mandated the expansion of the scope of the company to include many different types of customers and to encompass all facets of communications, including microwave, fiber optics, video, radio, telephone and data. The company is currently owned and operated by Mr. Frank Hines.

Mr. Hines started with the company in 1980 and soon advanced to the Service Manager position. It was during this time-frame that the company undertook the engineering, furnishing and installation of microwave radio systems in addition to two-way radio service. Mr. Hines became a full partner in 1986 and is the corporation President.

Telcom specializes in value-added services. The company provides microwave radio, video, two-way radio, fiber optics, telephone and data integrated into a network engineered and designed to meet the customers requirements. This includes providing sales, engineering, installation and service for a broad range of products to a wide variety of users.

Because Telcom emphasizes quality over quantity, the company has sustained substantial growth over the past nine years without compromising it's high standards. From 1987 through 1995 the corporation's gross revenues increased fourteen-fold and the company expanded to a second location in Orange County. A third office in San Diego was opened in 1996 to serve customer needs at the southern end of the state. In 1997, a strategic business alliance was formed to provide a presence in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1999, Telcom expanded its area of operation to include Las Vegas, Nevada. Telcom’s staff has grown from just 6 in 1991 to 35 in 1999.

Since its inception, the company has acquired dealerships for Harris MCD long and medium haul microwave, Alcatel long and medium haul microwave, Microwave Radio Corp. and Telenetics short haul microwave systems. Telcom can engineer, furnish and install a new system or trouble-shoot, maintain, redesign and redeploy existing systems from 960 MHz to 38 GHz. As an adjunct to these products Telcom also markets and installs Cablewave and Andrew Corp. antennas, waveguide and connectors, Chatsworth Products equipment rack systems, Argus power systems and GNB batteries.

Telcom can design and support data communications including fractional T-1, T-1, DS-3 and SONET including local and wide area networks. The network transmission systems and data product line includes Newbridge, Telco Systems, Adtran, Micom, Tellabs, Cisco and Bay Networks. In addition, Telcom is one of only two Newbridge Networks Select Plus Partner dealers for Southern California and as such serves as an extension of Newbridge Networks for both sales and service. Telcom is certified on all Newbridge equipment types and has all the necessary test equipment to maintain existing systems and is authorized to sell, service and maintain all of these product lines.

Telcom has designed and installed complex fiber optics systems for public safety agencies as well as commercial users. Telcom's extensive array of test equipment and installation hardware allows for rapid performance evaluation and fault isolation to effect rapid repair of existing systems. In addition to fiber optic cable and connectors, Telcom can also supply fiber optic terminals, sized for any requirement.

Telcom has experienced construction crews that can deploy a complete remote communications facility from the ground up including buildings, generators and towers. Telcom tower crews can erect towers from the ground up or perform periodic maintenance as recommended by the manufacturers. Crews are available for rigging new antennas, microwave dishes or antenna feed lines. Telcom has specialized equipment that allows sweep testing of all transmission lines, including waveguide.

Telcom is the premier Ventura County authorized Motorola two-way dealer which allows Telcom to sell and service both the Motorola full product line as well as the Radius line. These are in addition to previously existing dealerships for Kenwood and Bendix-King two-way radios. To support the operational needs of our land mobile radio customers, Telcom owns, operates and maintains nearly 200 strategically located community repeaters throughout the four-state area of California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

Telcom’s telephone and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) product lines include Mitel, Comdial, and Vodavi telephone systems and products. Telcom also has technicians qualified and certified for other major PBX and EKTS manufacturers. All inside and outside plant voice and data cabling installation, maintenance and repair services are available for all metallic and fiber-optic cable types, system architectures and system sizes.


Full-fledged efforts supporting local governments, began in 1982 with the first County of Ventura contract. Since that time Telcom has expanded its government arena to include Federal, State, County, and numerous Districts, completing a large number of communications projects for numerous governmental agencies from Northern California to the Mexican border. In addition, Telcom has provided commercial communications systems and services to a variety of industries, including the following:














MIS Networks




PCS (Wireless)


Public Safety

Telcom can respond 24-hours per day, 365 days per year and has a complete inventory of equipment and materials to provide disaster recovery prevention and restoration for existing systems either on a temporary or long-term basis. Telcom's stock includes two-way radio, repeaters, telephone, inside and outside plant, microwave equipment and waveguide, and multiplexers.

Telcom is a licensed California state contractor with both "B - General" and "C7 - Low Voltage Systems" classifications. Telcom also holds FCC and certified electronic technician licenses for work on microwave and two-way radios.

Telcom has continually expanded its scope of consulting services to include customers with both sophisticated and simple needs. Telcom’s areas of telecommunications consulting expertise include all the above-captioned radio, telephone, data and microwave disciplines. Available services include preparation of technical specifications for incremental growth of a system and complete system acquisition or replacement. Additionally, Telcom can provide every phase of two-way radio, microwave, fiber-optic and digital transmission system engineering services including feasibility studies. For those systems requiring FCC licensing, Telcom can provide microwave path engineering, system integration engineering, frequency coordination with temporary authority to go on-the-air and completion of applications for FCC licenses.

Telcom can also provide all levels of project management to bring customer projects to a successful conclusion on-time, within budget and built and performing to specification. Previous consulting work has included the integration of various telecommunications services into a fully functional and unified network.