World Access
WavePLEX Compact

The WavePLEX COMPACT is a high performance, economical digital point to point microwave radio from World Access, Inc. designed for short-haul applications. The WavePLEX COMPACT operates in the frequency bands, 13 GHz up to 40 GHz and is available in both ANSI and ETSI data rates. WavePLEX COMPACT radios are available in non-protected and protected system configurations. Protected systems provide fully redundant transmitter and receiver components.

The Radio Frequency Unit (RFU) is rugged, weather tight, light weight, and low profile. It contains a direct mounting antenna interface that eliminates the need for a feeder between the RFU and the antenna, easing installation and minimizing losses. Antenna polarity is adjusted by simply rotating the RFU 90 degrees on the antenna mount. The RFU interface will support antennas from 1ft to 4ft in diameter and mounts directly to a pole up to 5.5 inches in diameter.

The Digital Interface Unit (DIU), mounted indoors in a single rack unit, provides the interface between user equipment and the RFU. The DIU performs all digital processing functions and system monitoring, and requires no adjustments or tuning during or after installation. A single coaxial cable is used to connect the DIU to the RFU reducing installation time and operational costs.

For ease of installation, World Access digital microwave radios are fully configured and plant tested. The need for external test equipment is virtually eliminated by an array of built-in test capabilities. Built-in tests and indicators include: G.821 Parameters, Bit Error Ratio (BER), Errored Seconds (ES), Severely Errored Seconds (SES), Received Signal Level (RSL), Data Input, Data Output, and internal and external Local and Remote Loopbacks.